Organization's team

The Organization Team is a section allowing you to manage users and control their access within your organization. This section comprises distinct tabs for Users and Groups.

On the Users tab, both owners and administrators have the ability to add users to the organization, manage user invitations, and, if necessary, remove users from the organization's team.

In the Groups tab owners and administrators can manage groups and their respective members.

How to work with the organization’s team?

To access the Users tab, click the Organization settings icon located in the horizontal panel of the Home application.

When Organization settings page opens, you will find an active Users tab displaying the list of users within the organization.

To invite a new user, click the ✛ Add user button.

In the "New invitation" pop-up window, enter the email of the user you wish to invite, and then click the INVITE button. The invitation will be sent to the user's email, and the user will be added to the section with a "SENT" status, along with the date and time the invitation was sent.

How to work with groups of users in the organization’s team?

To access the Groups tab, click the Groups tab on the Organization settings page of the Home application. The Groups tab opens, displaying the list of groups have been created within the organization.

The Group tab is divided into two sections.

In one section, you can view the list of all existing groups and create a new group.

In the other section, you can view the list of users in a group, add or remove existing users from your group. If necessary, you can delete a user from the group.

To create a new group, click the New group button.

Enter the name of the group you want to create and click the ADD button in the "Add group" pop-up window. A new group will be created and added to the group section.

The group name should be longer than 3 characters and shorter than 64 characters. It can contain letters (Latin a-z A-Z), numbers (0-9), the dollar sign ($), and an underscore (_). The name must begin with a letter or underscore character.

How to work with users in the groups?

To add a user to a specific group, click the ✚ Add user to group button.

Select the user's email you wish to add from the dropdown list, and then click the CONFIRM button in the "Assign user to group" pop-up window. The user will be added to the group.

User’s invitation status

SENT indicates that a user has been added to the organization, and an invitation has been sent to their email address.

If the user does not accept the invitation within 7 days, the status will be changed to EXPIRED. However, if the user accepts the invitation within a 7-day period, they will be removed from the invited users' list to the list of existing users of the organization.

EXPIRED — indicates that a user was added to the organization and invited to join via email but did not join the team within 7 days.

If an invitation is resent to a user with an EXPIRED status, the status will be updated to SENT.

DECLINED — indicates that a user was invited to join the organization but chose to decline the invitation.

How to accept a team invitation?

To become a part of the organization's team, you need to accept the invitation that has been sent to you.

Upon receiving the invitation, you will be sent the email, containing information how to join the organization, along with a link to the platform.

If you have already registered on the platform, enter your credentials and log in. If you are not registered on the platform yet, complete the registration process, then log in.

After logging in, you will receive a notification of invitation in the user’s menu.

To accept an invitation, click "Invitations" in the profile menu. You will see the name of the organization which sent you the invitation in the "Invitations" pop-up window. Сlick the ACCEPT button.

Your invitation has been accepted. Now you are a member of the organization's team.

According to the role assigned to you you will get the access to the organization resources. If you decide not to join the organization, decline the invitation by clicking the Decline button.

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