Deploy logs

The Deploy Logs display errors, warnings, and information messages arising during the deployment process of the application. If the deployment process fails, you can review the errors causing the failure, fix them, or contact the support team for assistance.

They are stored for 7 days. Therefore, the limit period for searching logs is 7 days from the current date and time.

  • For organizations with the Free plan, this option is unavailable from HOME because a free plan doesn’t include any environment.

  • The Deploy logs in the Home section are only available to owners and administrators.

  • The Deploy logs section is available in the IDE for all users (except for the project Viewer) regardless of their role and organization's subscription plan. In the IDE, you can access the Deploy logs section to view the logs specific to the project you are currently working on.

How to navigate to the Deploy Logs in HOME?

You can view Deploy logs according to the selected environment. Select the environment. Click the Logs tab, then the Deploy tab. The logs will be displayed according to the selected environment.

To view the Deploy logs for a certain Deployment, follow the steps:

  1. Click the Deployment tab.

  2. Select the desired Deployment from the list.

  3. Then, click the Deploy tab to access the Deploy logs.

How to navigate to the Deploy Logs Panel in IDE?

The Log panel is located at the bottom, left of the screen. To access the Logs panel, click the Logs tab. The panel contains all available project logs in the system: Deploy and Application.

Select the Deploy tab. The logs displayed are related to the most recent deployment.

Log information includes time of Logs, commit ID, trace ID message, and issue type.

The Trace ID allows you to trace deployment errors at every step of the deployment process, including deploying, compiling, and waiting for the application to launch.

To close the Deploy panel, click the Logs tab at the bottom of the screen or use the collapse arrow in the upper right corner of the panel.

How to find the necessary Deploy logs?

To filter Deploy logs, select the desired data by clicking the FILTER button. The data can be filtered by issue type, project, deployment, commit ID, trace ID, date from, and date to in the Home application. In the IDE section, filtration by project and deployment is not available. Once the filter is applied, the system displays the searched results in the table.

You can also search within the logs message to find relevant entries. For search, enter the search value, then click the FILTER button.

To return the filter values to their default settings, click the RESET button.

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